Friday, March 31, 2017

What is a Calvinist?

I was watching the above video which is all about John Calvin. It consists of a panel of four theologians who have one thing in common: they are all Calvinists, and they are all discussing John Calvin. At 53:00 minutes into the video Steve Lawson defines a “Calvinist” as follows:

“… when we say a Calvinist, I simply mean a biblicist, someone who is going back to the scripture, with a literal hermeneutic, not only sola scriptura, but tota scriptura, which means all of scripture, and a comprehensive view of all of scripture, where I am not picking and choosing which chapters in the Bible I want to believe and passing over others. So for me, I don’t mean … I certainly esteem him, but by that nickname I simply mean one who stands with Calvin in the pursuit of exegeting the text of scripture, and the analogy of scripture, taking one text in the light of the whole of scripture, you know, I applaud that, and I am inspired by one who did that well.”

LOL! If that is the definition of a “Calvinist,” then I as a Mormon should start calling myself a Calvinist; and he as a Calvinist should call himself a heretic; because that is how I think my theology compares with his. Calvinists twist and turn and abuse and misuse and misquote and misinterpret and misrepresent scripture more than anybody else does. They “pick and choose” scripture more than anybody else does. Their entire theology is unbiblical, unscriptural, unsound and flawed from foundation up. There is nothing “biblical” about Calvinism.

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